Lotus Liners Wood collection set
Tropical Chip Lotus Liner Swatch
Floral Sprig Lotus Liner Swatch
Burnt Swirl Lotus Liner Swatch
Lotus Liners Wood collection set

Wood Bloom

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Wood Bloom Collection honors – Benevolence

The wood exudes nobleness, representing extractive,
luxuriant, brilliant, blooming and flourishing.

Collection contains 3 different regular-size liners:

1 Tropical Chip Lotus Liner (small)
1 Floral Sprig Lotus Liner (medium)
1 Burnt Swirl Lotus Liner (large)
1 Travel Bag

We’ve created the perfect collection for you to enjoy our wonderful liners, in the three unique sizes: 1 small, 1 medium, and 1 large. These stylish packs are ideal for getting started to determine which liner works best for you, on which day of your flow.  Small liners are good for spotting days at the beginning and end of your cycle. Mediums are ideal for every day, and large are perfect for heavy days and nighttime.

Lotus Liners clean easily in any domestic washing machine in either cold or warm water. They dry perfectly in your dryer, or can be hung to dry, or laid flat on dry surface. They come pristinely clean and do not require extra stain remover or bleach. Just rinse your liner after use and toss in the laundry basket for laundry day. Make sure to unsnap your liners while washing so all the contents if fully removed.

Lotus Liners are made using an advanced synthetic material designed for maximum absorption, sanitation, and cleanliness. We choose the healthiest fabric possible with anti-bacterial, stain-resistant, hypo-allergenic and order free properties.  Our fabric is extremely absorbent and designed to keep moisture away from the skin, while not retaining any organic residue. Its unique composition eliminates odor, bacteria, and stains from getting trapped in the fibers. 

Lotus Liners last between three and five years and have a lifetime warranty on the snap. If it breaks, we will happily replace it.   

To get the best enjoyment out of your Lotus Liners, be sure to wear close fitting underwear, and snap the side wings around the gusset. Be sure to wear your liner pulled forward, sitting on your pubic bone instead of underneath.  Your body will adjust and relax into the comfort and reliability of wearing a washable liner.