Burnt Swirl
Burnt Swirl Lotus Liner Swatch
Burnt Swirl

Burnt Swirl

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Lotus liners are sold individually so you can pick and choose the right sizes, colors and combinations that are perfect for your unique flow. Every woman has her heavy days, her light days and all the options in between. Depending on your activities, your zest for life and just how busy you are, will determine the number of liners you might require each cycle.

 Each liner is designed with the body in mind, fitting to your perfect shape, your perfect fit. They are constructed for reliability; making sure, your are sure, every time you wear it.  We want you to do all the things that life has to offer so we put our attention into to the details. Perminume fabrics reliable stitching, quality fibers, durable snaps, and expert workmanship so you can play, entertain, try new things, work out and do your life to the fullest.

Each layers is unique, offering maximum quality to ensure maximum reliability. You don’t want to to worry about your panite liner and we don’t want you to. We want you to feel confident, comfortable and secure each time you wear it.

Layer 1 - The softest fabric possible so you feel luxurious, pampered and special. Made from a 100 % synthetic fiber that resists staining & odor. Will not cause rash, chafing or irritation.

Layer 2 - 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Polyamides are formed into fibers and are used to create monofilaments and yarns. Characteristically polyamides (nylons) are very resistant to wear and abrasion and are extremely absorbent.

Outer layer - Fashion-forward and designed to make you feel feminine, special and discrete. Using unique and stylish patterns on the 100% waterproof layer, it combines function, security and style all in one.