Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Lotus liners?


There comes a time when we as women start looking for something different, something outside the norm that we know in our hearts will make us feel better about ourselves and improve the planet we live on. Lotus liners are designed for exactly that, to make your monthly bloom more manageable, more convenient and to allow you to live your life, comfortable, assured and confident your panty liner is doing exactly what it was made to do. We use Lotus liners because they allow us to take care of our bodies in a better way. They declare we are willing to pamper ourselves and show we are not afraid to embrace our monthly flow, but instead celebrate it with the best, most dependable and fashionable cloth liner on the planet. The following are some frequently asked questions about Lotus Liners.

How do I care for my Lotus Liners?

What is the best way to wash my Lotus Liners?

There are many ways to care for your liners, and a lot of it will depend on how you handle your other items in the wash. Lotus Liners are very resilient and do not need to be washed on the delicate cycle unless you choose to. Using a delicate cycle may allow your liners to last longer, as will hanging them to dry, rather than putting them in a hot dryer. Happily, Lotus liners can be washed with all your other items and can be washed in both hot or cold water. They can be put in the dryer, on a regular cycle and you never have to be concerned with shirking or twisting.


Some clients prefer to wash their liners in a lingerie bag to keep them all together, some express wanting to use the hot or the cycle. Others have said they wash them separately on a mini cycle, other report throwing them in with any load. They will not bleed, nor will the color run, so including them with your other laundry items is absolutely safe.


We strongly recommend you do not use stain remover on your liners. It is not needed, stain resistance is built into the fabric composition. Please refrain from bleaching your Liners, as it will only fade the colour and unnecessarily breakdown the integrity of the fabric over time. To keep your Liners fresh and stain-free, we recommend soaking them after use in cold water and rinsing them out by hand. For stubborn stains on your darkest day, a small amount of hand soap or dish soap will lift the stain in seconds.


Always wash your liners open and unsnapped.

Is it necessary to soak them?

It is not mandatory to soak your Lotus Liners, and many of our clients find they are happy with the result when they wear and wash them only. Liners not soaked may lose their whiteness over time, but if washed correctly will always be completely clean. Only a short soaking time is required. We suggest you soak them with the white side down to allow gravity to help remove the contents.


Soaking in cold water is best.

Do I need to rinse them out before I wash them?

The rinsing of Lotus Liners, it is not necessary. Many clients appreciate the design of our liners because they can skip this step and simply throw them in the wash. Others prefer to rinse their Liners to preserve the pristine look the product.

Do I use stain remover, fabric softener or bleach?

We do not recommend the use of any chemical products on the liners while in the wash. We believe that unnecessary chemical exposure to the body via the vaginal area is harmful and preventable. We prefer you take care of yourself and enjoy the amazing feeling you will have from using a feminine napkin free from unwanted additional toxins.

How do I store them?

Treat your Lotus Liners as you would your undergarments. You can fold them up and stack them according to size and colour, or you can leave them flat and open in a pile. Some women put them folded in the matching water-proof pouch.

What if my husband does the laundry?

Many clients have voiced concerns using Lotus Liners because their spouse or significant other currently does their laundry. Some women have assigned a special laundry basket they have told their husbands about; others have created a container or pail under the sink in the bathroom to store the used liners until they are able to do the wash themselves. Many have purchased a mesh or silk bag for washing delicates in, and put their liners inside to be included in the wash.

What more should I know?

Individual Lotus Liner in Sweet Heat print
How do I use Lotus Liners outside my home?

Travelling with Lotus Liners is easy and convenient. Just snap closed both your clean and dirty liners in the waterproof bag for daily outings, or have two bags, one for clean, another for soiled that you take with you to work or other activities. The small bag fits easily in your purse or bag and is discreet enough to carry to the washroom, since it resembles a makeup or cosmetic bag.


Lotus Liners happily travel in any suitcase or carry-on for trips and overnight excursions. Be sure to take the amount you need for your cycle the same way you would at home. While away for an extended time, Liners can be washed if you have access to a laundry facility, or you can clean them yourself in a hotel’s washroom sink, allowing them to hang and air dry. The ability to wash and reuse your liners will give you the peace of mind you need while traveling knowing you always have the Liners you need.

How often do I need to change them?

Every woman’s cycle is unique and her rate of flow and discharge differs. We recommend you begin using Lotus Liners the same way you would a disposal pad, changing as often as you feel you need, and carrying as many spares as you wish. We guarantee that very quickly you will notice the superior absorption rate and reliability of Lotus Liners. After a cycle or two, you will be able to judge just how often you need to change them.

How do they stay in place?

Lotus Liners are designed with two side-flaps that wrap around and snap on the outside gusset of your undergarment. This application keeps Lotus Liners in place during your flow. Wearing a snugger fitting under pant is also helpful, as is making sure the liner is resting high up against your pubic bone, not too far back.

How do Lotus Liners differ from other washable pads?

We believe Lotus Liners are the best washable feminine liner on the planet because we make them easy and convenient to use. Our liners are all in one. There are no removable pieces, pockets, belts, or straps to make them fussy and need a lot of preparation. You should not have to do “more” then you normally world during this time. Our all-in-one design means that there is no pre-preparation involved in wearing a Lotus Liner. Simply snap it on and go. In fact, we have purposefully made using Lotus Liners simple and easy. They are designed with busy women in mind, who in turn want to feel better and contribute to a greener Earth.

What if I have an extremely heavy flow?

If you are worried about Lotus Liners not meeting the needs of a heavy flow, we suggest you start using the product in the evenings at home or on weekends when you are less busy. Women with heavy flows often experience the most leakage at night when a disposable pad is horizontal and the plastic finish on the liner does not allow for full absorption, resulting in discharge pooling and leaking while lying down. The super absorbent fabric on a Lotus Liner does not have this slippery finish, and it is designed to efficiently prevent leaks.

Can they be used for incontinence and postpartum care?

We absolute encourage women to wear their Lotus Liners for mild incontinence. Although our Liners were designed primarily for menstruation, they perform well when used for slight or minor bladder leakages.


New moms will appreciate the softness of Lotus Liners for the postpartum period, especially if tender tissues need to recover from the birth experience. Breastfeeding mothers will find comfort in knowing that Lotus Liners reduce the risk of toxins entering their breast milk.

Should my daughter be wearing Lotus Liners?

Our greatest intention at Lotus Liners is educating a new generation of young women. We feel washable feminine liners are THE FUTURE for our planet. We know that a young girl’s is first exposure to her period, leaves an lasting, unchangeable impression, so we are committed to creating a product she will value and feel proud to use for her entire lifetime. Our mandate is to show young teens how washable liners are the healthier, smartest, most cost effective and environmentally conscious choice. We want the young generation to see the benefits and know the difference they are making.

What are the sizes of the Lotus Liner?

How do I select which Lotus Liner to use on which days?

Choose your size depending on your rate of flow, and what fits your body shape.

* light days * regular flow days * heavy flow days
* spotting * lite nighttime flow * heavy nighttime
* beginning of flow * all day events * extended events
* end of flow * complete protection * extra protection
* during exercise * during traveling * after childbirth
* with menstrual cup * for absolute comfort * after surgery
* for freshness * all day freshness * pre menopause
* tiny incontinence * lite incontinence * lite incontinence
Purchasing and shipping my Lotus Liners

Individual Lotus Liner in Pinwheel Spray print
How quickly will my order arrive?

We use the most reliable shipping companies to expedite your order quickly. Local, national or international shipping times vary. To be cost effective for you, we choose the best possible shipping rates with the fastest possible service. Please allow 1 week for delivery and contact us should you require your order sooner.

Do you have any kind of warranty?

We gladly ensure the lifetime warranty of our snaps. If your snap comes off from normal wearing, please send the Lotus Liner to us, and we will be happy to replace it, no questions asked.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the personal and hygienic nature of the product, we cannot, by law accept returns or exchanges. If you have a specific concern or problem, we will go out of our way to address it to your satisfaction.

Do you sell wholesale?

We are enthusiastic about expanding the market for Lotus Liners. If you have a desire to sell wholesale, please e-mail or send a message to