Flower Cup
Flower Cup
Flower Cup
Flower Cup
Flower Cup
Flower Cup
Flower Cup

Flower Cup

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Flower Cup Collection Honors – Joy

Within you is laughter, fun and frolic. You enjoy the fruits that blossom,
the harvest, the rainbows and all that is full of life. - Playful Mother Nature.

Collection contains 3 different regular-size liners:

1 Small Sunlight Lotus Liner (small)
1 Peach Blush Lotus Liner (medium)
1 Flower Cup Lotus Liner (large)
1 Travel Bag

Change the way you feel about your period. Enjoy your blossoming each month as Lotus Liners ESSENTIALS gives you a happier, healthier experience of being you. Bask in the luxury and comfort of these amazing NEW washable liners, inspired by Mother Nature herself.  Essentials come in those colors you see outside, in nature, using the softest fabric you’ll love to put against your skin.

Each Starter Pack comes with three liners: 1 small, 1 Medium, and 1 Large, perfect for all the days of your period. You can also use them for slight incontinence, or to maintain everyday freshness. Each box also contains a waterproof tote. It is the ideal accessory you’ll enjoy having, to carry your liners with you when you are out of the house. This waterproof, odor-proof, stain- resistant tote makes changing your Lotus Liner easy and convenient anywhere, at any time.

Lotus Liners are improving your health, bettering the planet, and adding savings to your pocketbook. Toxins, chemicals, astringents and perfumes are found in many disposable pads, affecting women with fatigue, cramps, irritability and sometimes chronic infections. We are changing that by having hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, odor-free and stain resistance built right inside our fabric.

Our material is NOT organic and we did that on purpose. Organic material adheres to other organic material. Microscopic remnants of menstrual fluid can get trapped in organic pads, causing it to smell, stain and grow bacteria over time. Our liners are made with the most advanced technically created fabric to be completely sanitary, and eliminate those discomforts of using an organic pad.

1.7 Billion pads go into our landfills every year. Together we can reduce that number. Lotus Liners last three to five years eliminating the use for disposable products. We have a lifetime warranty on the snap, so if it breaks, we will send you a new one. That’s how e stand behind our product.

We want you to feel better about your period by helping you improve your health, support the planet and save you money. You are not just a customer to us; you are a woman and a friend.  We know you care about your body and the world you live in. We believe wearing a Lotus Liner will make a significant difference in how you feel, and support you in making a better place for US all to live in.

To get the best enjoyment out of your Lotus Liners, be sure to wear close fitting underwear, and snap the side wings around the gusset. Be sure to wear your liner pulled forward, sitting on your pubic bone instead of underneath.  Your body will adjust and relax into the comfort and reliability of wearing a washable liner.

Enjoy them and always let us know just how much you love them.

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