Lotus Liners Earth collection set
Mystic Turquoise Lotus Liner Swatch
Majestic Paisley Lotus Liner Swatch
Lime Swirl Lotus Liner Swatch
Lotus Liners Earth collection set

Earth Bloom

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Earth Bloom Collection Honors – Honesty

The earth manifests great status, opulence and success by the growth of everything, ideas and inner beliefs.


Set contains:

1 mystic turquoise lotus liner (small)

1 majestic paisley lotus liner (medium)

1 lime swirl lotus liner (large)

1 travel bag

We’ve created the sample bloom pack for you to try out three of our wonderful liner, in each of the three sizes we have created: mini bloom (small) regular bloom (medium) and maxi bloom (large). These stylish Bloom packs are ideal for getting started to determine which liner works best for which day. It also gives you the options of picking your perfect colors and favourite designs before your customize your complete collection.

For our premiere launch we were inspired by the five elements in the astrological signs; fire, wood, water, earth and metal.

These elements or energies are understood to be the prime energetic building blocks from which all material substances in this world are formed. They have become metaphors for describing how things interact and in turn, relate with one another. Everything is made up of some combination of these elements, including people, companies, games, plants, music, art and so on. Woman, in their incredible diversity, are all influenced and inspired in this way. So to honor the individuals in us all, comprised of such powerful energies, and named our collections after each one of these.

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