Worst Period Story Ever

Every woman I know has a horrible period story. Some have had that notorious leak at a family dinner, or in front of a cute boy they were trying to impress. Some remember a group of girls who humiliated them at school or a stain they left on their grandmother’s pristine living room couch. No matter what country I visit or what culture I am in, almost every woman I talk to can share a horrifying memory of blood, “that”stains and a leak that is embedded in their memory and has affected them for life.

I remember when I was twenty three, cool and completely consumed with my appearance. I was spending the summer working on a cruise ship in the wonderful position of Cruise Director. You know that job where you get to be on stage, entertain passengers, and having dinner with the Captain’s VIP guests.  Nights were about stage shows and dance parties; daytime was filled with shuffle board, fruit decorating competitions and socializing with guest out on the upper decks.

I prided myself in my cruise director uniform. You know the one; cute little golf shirt with the upturned collar and the fresh pressed, whiter then white shorts. I wore it every day at the welcoming party when passengers were just arriving, at the tender before an excursion, and at the sail away party when we were ready to depart.

One day while sailing out of Jamaica, I took part in the limbo contest up on the center stage. It was in font of most of the ship’s eight hundred and eight three guests. One by one we would all limbo under; bending backwards, crotch forward for everyone to cheers and see who could shuffling the lowest under the rope we help tight like a stick. The crowd watched excitedly, and rallied for their favorites. I of course had been limbo-ing every week, so I had a bit of practice and lasted right to the end, coming in third to the person that won.

With sweat on my brow and huffing from all the pumped up excitement, I went to the bar to grab a cold drink. One of the passengers, this very sexy guy I had noticed, walked directly up to me. Rumors had been spreading he was from an extremely wealthy family and his parents were friends with the owners of the entire cruise line!

He was very shy at first, looking at me really intently; holding his hand on his chest. He paused before he spoke, apprehensive, polite and struggling to find his words. I was sort of smitten and my brain switched to that Disney moment when boy meets girl and they have a magical encounters, love at first sight and the anticipation lingers as words sweet as a mockingbird begin declaring the feelings inside ones heart.

“I think you have your period.” He whispered.

“What?” I shot back. Forcing him to talk louder as the calypso band was going full force now and I wasn’t sure I understood what he was saying.

“You have blood all over your shorts, you might want to go and change”. He responded.

Need I say more? Need I go into any more detail or is every woman reading this post biting on her knuckle and slipping down mortified in her chair?  Eight hundred and eighty three people watched me jumping around… ON A STAGE... limbo-ing directly at them with my life changing, never able to forget, famous menstrual leak.

How do you respond to that? All I could do was smile that light-lipped plastic smile that says I’m fine but humiliated beyond all reason and unsure of what to do next.

He kind of patted me on the shoulder like a guy would in a locker room after you’d been knocked out in a fight. I kind of nodded back like a person who was about to have their finger nails removed with a pair of rusty pliers.

Your period horror might not have been as public as mind, but I am sure you have one none the less.  Almost every woman alive can relate to the concerns of leaking anywhere at any time.

I guess that experience shaped me for what I am doing today. Designing and running Lotus Liners has been a solution that I am proud to have created. I love the product, the benefits and the comfort I have in knowing there is never any reason for me to be worried about leaking again. With disposable napkins I was always pushing their capacity. With nowhere to change, none with me or none left in the pack always had me living in fear of seeping through. With Lotus Liners I have complete confidence; I never worry. Not because they never leak, nothing is 100% leak proof, but Lotus Liners are substantially more absorbent than disposables, and the best thing about them is, as soon I think it is full, I just go and change it. I can swap them out as many times in a day as I like because I simple just wash them. Gone is the worry of leaking because I always have a new, fresh clean liner that has no reason to leak.

You can easily use a Lotus Liner Starter Pack for your entire period. Each pack comes with three sizes, small, medium and large for every phase of your period. Wear the large one and night, rinse in the morning, and were the medium during the day. When you return home, your large is ready to wear for bedtime. Then clean the medium before you go to sleep, so it is dry and ready in the morning.  If this is just too much work, then two or three starter packs or individuals in your favorite size will make using your liners easier. When you finish with one, just toss then in the laundry basket and wash them all at the end of the week.

Either method makes it easy for you to feel confident, secure, comfortable and relaxed that your Lotus Liners has you covered and you have no need to worry at all about that dreaded leak.