Time to Celebrate!

Every month for 4-7 days, women experience their period. It’s called a period because it punctuates every single thing you do, every single month. It makes us feel different, move different, eat, walk, dress, and do our lives differently. Our moods, emotions, and behaviors are all altered and we have to think differently. Can I wear that white dress? Should I go on that date? Will I actually have my period during my vacation? Our monthly cycle is seldom something we look forward to, the icky, sticky feeling we have, the dozen trips to the bathroom, or that dreaded leak at a company event.

Lotus liners are designed to change all that; created by a woman, with only women in mind. It is the best feminine product on the planet because it actually improves the way you feel about your period. It is not something you dread, but instead, you celebrate. You no longer feel ashamed or embarrassed because we have got you covered, with fabric designed specifically for absorbency, comfort, and reliability. No more unknown chemicals or harmful toxins against your skin, no more ill-fitting pads that slip, bunch, leak or disintegrate. Our liners keep every woman dry and secure, every day, everywhere.

Thinking differently because of your period now means you get to choose what you wear with style and charisma. You get to choose to feel happier and more confident. You get to choose to spend less money each month and choose NOT to add un-needed waste into our landfills. Most importantly you get to be you, the real you. The authentic you, the You are every other day of the month.