Pamper Yourself And Your Period With Washable Liners

February is a great month to dive into the divine, delicious and decadent. What better way to honor yourself and your body than by indulging during your period?

Every month we experience our bleeding, and often it is with dread and frustration. Most women feel awful during their period due to the chemicals and toxins found in many disposable pads. The vagina has been reported to be 10 to 80 times more absorbent than any other skin on the body. There is no way to breakdown these unwanted contaminants that may cause sadness, fatigue, moodiness and even depression.

Make February the month you love YOURSELF and change your menstruation habits. Washable liners are one of the best ways to improve your vaginal health. Many are made with advance fabrics, that contain anti-bacterial, hypo-allergenic and odor-free properties. These features are optimum for your body’s health. Washables are also more fun and enjoyable, with super absorbency, extreme comfort and fashionable patterns. Many will last for three to five years, and that means extra funds to do what you really love.

Instead of chocolates or flowers this Valentines Day, indulge in the pleasures of pampering your period instead.

  1. Buy a beautiful set of washable liners in a fun pink or vibrant turquoise to match your mood or personality. I recommend the Raspberry Bliss or Blue Serenity Collection by Lotus Liners.
  2. Get some scented drawer liners or lace paper to line your intimate’s area and create a special space to keep your washable liners in.
  3. Buy some luxurious laundry detergent or organic laundry paste that is chemical free and smells amazing. Wash your liners in that.
  4. Use essential oils to dab on the outside of your liners AND your belly button to smell lovely.
  5. Have fun matching your liners to your outfits or the mood you are in. all the great patterns will surly uplift your spirits
  6. Put on your favourite liner and indulge in a good book, cup of tea, or relaxing meditation. They are so comfortable, you’ll have no problem sitting for hours as most women feel like royalty when wearing them.
  7. Snap on your sexiest pair and go out for dinner, a concert, movie or night club. Since they are 10 times more absorbent, you’ll have no fears of dancing up a storm or sitting while connecting with friends.
  8. Have a period party! Invite over the girls and share your most outrageous period stories over wine and horderves. Have a good laugh from the blunders and leakage that happened BEFORE you switched to washables.
  9. Crawl into bed early with your favorite ice cream, watch a movie, a podcast or listen to an audio book. Be in complete enjoyment knowing you will be well protected and not leak in the night.
  10. Have a bit or retail therapy surfing the web and shopping online for all the great deals and options available. Do your research and find a set with multiple sizes for you can have one for every stage of your period: spotting and lite days, to regular, then heavy flow days.

Whatever you do this month, love your life, honor your body and pamper yourself during your period; because you are definitely worth it.