Lotus Liners Take on the Dragon's Den

It’s been hard to keep a secret for the last five months but finally I can share that I was on Dragons Den last May, pitching Lotus Liners to all the dragons.

I’ll admit talking about washable feminine products to six discerning business types on national TV was not the easiest thing I’ve ever done. I was cute and bubbly, fun and light-hearted till they bombarded me with questions and took the gloves off.

I will admit it was way harder than it looks and talking about changing the way women feel about their period is new to most people- Dragons or not.

Be sure to watch the show Nov 8 at 8:00 pm on CBC to see the outcome. It was JB being JB, I’ll say that for sure.

One thing I did learn was to know your business back and forth. That investors don’t love it the way you do and they are not emotionally attached. Your product has to be sound and your business plan has to be solid.

I did on the hand learn that when you set your mind to something you always get it. In February I decided I wanted to be on the show. I goggled it the car at a red light and found the interviews in a month in a city an hour away. I went through all the application processes, Drove there on the day. I arrived 2 hours early and made my pitch to the prelim team.

Two moths later I was in a plane and before I knew it, in front of the bright lights sharing my pitch. It goes to show that when you set your mind to something you CAN make it happen. You CAN manifest a desire by taking all the steps.

The success that comes from all of this isn’t all in if I got a yes. The success is in the process of having a dream, finding the courage to go after it. Believing it is possible and then doing the work. This is the key to any idea, vision or aspiration we have.

Anything YOU want, you can have. You just need to see it is possible in your life. Then the Universe will do everything to give it to you.

I’m having a viewing party November 8th in Kelowna at Moxies. Please come down and watch the show with me. 7:00 pm