Feel Confident And Feminine!

I don't always talk about this.. but I have been experiencing some slight bladder leakage... maybe age, maybe lack of activity, maybe my body telling me to pay more attention to things down there.

I had gone to a traditional doctor who recommended various surgical procedures with anesthesia and long recovery times. Not something I was eager to do.

The other option was to just live with it...

Until I met Dr. Anna, who has become a great friend and super supporter of Lotus Liners and the work we are doing to improve women's health. She agrees that Lotus Liners can be used for light or stress incontinence and are a great solution compared to other brands that are filled with harmful toxins and chemicals.

Dr. Anna introduced me to her amazing cream... JULVA. designed especially for my "issue" and so easy to use. I admit I was skeptical at first that a topical cream could help with something I thought was more internal, but within days I saw a difference, and within weeks I felt healed!

I have used Java for over 8 months and I can whole-heartedly say my issue is 97% improved. I hardly ever have the same dropage I once had and leaking has pretty much ceased to happen. Occasionally I have an episode and all I do is apply another application and things are back to the normal... that means no dribbles.

When once my only option seemed to be surgery, I am now feeling back to normal and not needing such an evasive solution when Julva has worked perfectly.

Julva has truly changed things for me and I'd like to share in case this might be an issue for you. Dr. Anna is offering a free trial to my friends as a gift to me, and I am offering it to you since I use it and have experienced the amazing benefits.

I am happy to talk to you about it more should you want more information, otherwise, use the link below to get your free trial sent directly to you...

As a bonus, you can also read how Julva makes things down there even more enjoyable in other areas of your feminine life and now that I am in a new relationship... I have to admit, I am LOVING IT!

Here the link for your FREE SAMPLE....