22 Aug Hello Period!

The Truth Teens Face in These Times

My daughter is only nine, but before I know it, she’ll be getting her period. Of course I hope it comes with more grace and education that how I got mine. I hope that I’ve informed her enough, empowered her enough and instilled in her that it isn’t shameful, but instead a true gift.

Most girls start to menstruate between the ages of 10 and 15 years. The average age is 12, but every girl’s body has its own body clock. Although there’s no perfect age for a girl to get her period, there are some clues that menstruation is about to start. Typically, a girl gets her period about 2 years after her breasts start to develop. Another sign is vaginal discharge fluid (sort of like mucus) that a girl might see or feel on her underwear. This discharge usually begins about 6 months to a year before a girl gets her first period.

Every girl is concerned  about the first day her period will show up. Talk with her, explain the process, help her understand it is normal and walk her through the use of feminine products, feminine care and respecting her body.

How you talk about it is how she’ll refer to it, so set a good example. Let her connect with the beauty behind it, the sacred gift that she now can create life. That will be the opening to another conversation about the importance and value in  honoring herself.

How a teen feels about her period is an important part of her development and will impact her life for most of her life. Creating a positive attitude goes a long way in her relationship with her monthly cycle. Help her see the good, the factual side of her body changing and the science behind what is happening to her hormones and possible moods. Avoid slang, negative terms and anything to shame it. Give it the respect it deserves so she adds value to herself and respects it for life.

Forty years of Disposables

The prospect of my daughter wearing disposable pads and tampons for the next forty years is frightening. Currently the there is no FDA regulations on feminine products and what actually goes into them is anyone’s guess. Harmful chemicals and toxic astringents have been found in disposables, not to mention all the perfume and bleach.

It isn’t healthy for the developing body to be absorbing these harmful chemicals each and every month. The body isn’t designed to filter with this amount of harmful toxins next to the most absorbent skin for five to seven days every month. If you multiply that by thirty to fourth years it is a staggering prospect. Cancer, fertility problems, and chronic infections are all on the rise in women today. What will it be like in the next three to five decades? What will be the impact of exposure to this products on the next generations?

Lotus Liners is doing everything it can to change this unnecessary experience in women’s lives.

Our washable liners are made from fabric designed to eliminate exposure to harmful chemicals. Our main goal is to improve women’s health. So we made that extra effort to add teen patterns and sizes to our collection. No woman, especially our teens, should have to face a lifetime of poisoning their bodies in the name of convenience. We admit that washing a liner is more effort than throwing one in the garbage, but it is no more effort than washing a pair of panties stained from a non effective, leaky disposable pad made thinner and less absorbent so you have to use more and spend more.

Lotus Liners wants every teen to consider the impact of harmful disposables on their bodies and to try Lotus Liners for themselves and begin their period care in a way that is heather for their future.

Experience Lotus Liners for yourself and feel the difference.

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