02 Aug Eweeee, it’s taboo

I have to admit I am a bit surprised how many women give me the scrunched face or rolled eye when I mention washable liners. I quickly ask them what the issue is and they all say… blood!

So, what is it about blood we get so squirmy over?  Why blood more than boogers, spit, urine or poop? I mean we all have blood in our bodies, right? In fact, most of us, if we cut our finger, the first thing we do is put it in our mouth….is that eweeee?

Why are we so afraid?

Would anyone roll their eyes at the Kleenex salesman for selling them a product that helps with a bleeding nose, or how about bandages? No one runs away from the Band-Aid salesman the way I have witness women race off when I offer to show them a Lotus Liner. Is it because it’s blood from down there?

The truth about your, eweeee – blood!
The truth is, your menstrual blood is kind of like a barometer for how healthy your body is. If you pay attention to your flow, you can pick up some very interesting insights into just how well your body is feeling.

…your menstrual blood is kind of like a barometer for how healthy your body is.

What does it tell us?

If your period is bright red, it usually means your flow is just beginning and, it was recently shed and then released from the body. Bright red is considered health and a good sign.

You may notice that your menstrual blood may be dark red, brown or almost black towards the end of your period. This occurs when blood gets older and has not been expelled from the body quickly. Everyone woman will shed her uterine lining at different rates. Seeing some dark brown blood towards the end of it is nothing to worry about; this is a normal.

If it’s pinkish in color, you may have low estrogen levels; especially if it’s accompanied by a lighter-than-usual flow, or if you’re an avid exerciser. Studies have found that excessive exercise can lower estrogen levels, which can subsequently mess with your period, sometimes causing it to be very lite in color or even disappear altogether

If it’s watery, you may have a slight nutritional deficiency. Ob-gyn Alyssa Dweck, MD, assistant clinical professor at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, says that a whiteish, diluted flow can be a symptom of anemia, especially if you notice your period getting lighter and lighter, when it would ordinarily get a bit heavier.

Sometimes your period blood feels very thick and gel like. Those small clots are common on the heaviest days of bleeding, when your flow is too fast for the body’s built-in blood thinners to work its magic. As long as clots are smaller than a quarter, they’re considered normal.  If it’s a mix of gray and red coloring you may have an infection. You may also experience a ‘foul, odor or off-smelling discharge’; if this is the case be sure to visit your doctor ASAP.

The next time you think you might be a bit girly and let the sight of blood freak you out, consider that this is one of the most natural and holistic ways the body shares information about its level of health and how “She” is really feeling in there. It’s a perfect indicator  of your well-being, and can be incredibly helpful, if you decide to pay attention.

This is the only body you will ever have, so take care of it and get over the squeamishness ladies; it is worth it.



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