10 Jul Feminize your period

When I was a kid, I was the first of my friends to get her period. It was an embarrassing episode that will stay with me forever, and most likely be remembered by most of the other girls in my grade… I’ll share more about that story another time.

What is fascinating as I look back is, I don’t remember anyone talking to me about it, educating me, supporting me or helping me understand it. No disrespect to my Mother, it was just not her thing, her area of education or generally acceptable in her generation to talk about.

What was missing from all the misconstrued details and clinical pointers was the fact that having your period was natural, normal and beautifully feminine.

Instead, I relied on my older sister, a boy down the street who had two sisters and some grey-haired man in a white lab coat on a public service video I watched in school.What was missing from all the misconstrued details and clinical pointers was the fact that having your period was natural, normal and beautifully feminine. Instead I felt ashamed, embarrassed and in some way cursed. Words like being on the “rag”, or “blood gusher” came up. Getting pregnant now was a huge concern even though I was nowhere near having sex in my pre-teen innocence.

Almost everyone I talked to knew someone who had “died from a tampon”. I was suddenly privy to the hidden facts on how one could not swim in the ocean when they had it because sharks could smell it.

You were not allowed in church if you had it; the priest could tell, and big dogs were known to tackle and start humping on you if you got to close to them with it.

Everything I heard was big, bad and ugly. No one said anything positive, helpful or in the least bit understanding. Sadly, I spent the next 30 years of my life living with these disempowering connotations and accepting the negative comments from those who always have some smart-ass remark about it every month.

Possibly, all of that is the reason why I have become so passionate about talking about our periods in a new and healthy way. Maybe it is why I started Lotus Liners and why I am dedicated to sharing a new message; a better message; a positive message about being a woman and how each month we have the power to give life and feel empowered.

My desire is to shed the stigma and to celebrate our womanhood.

I feel compelled to start a new conversation around our monthly visitor; it isn’t Aunt Flow, it is, see me Glow… we have a gift, a power and the ability to create; that is spectacular and should be celebrated. My desire is to shed the stigma and to celebrate our womanhood. I choose to be the voice behind feminizing our period; not be dominated by sayings of how gross it is and how miserable we are. I want to point out it is a flood of hormones, a change in the body chemistry, a physical transformation that takes place each month in divine order.

It is pulled by the moon and the tides, and influenced by the collection of women we stand with. It is swayed by the food we eat, the stress we feel, the amount of sleep we get, the air we breathe, the weight we carry, the chemicals we use and a million other daily, environmental factors. So much of our outward lives impact how our inward feelings unfold during our period. It isn’t logical, measurable or scientifically definable.

What ‘it is’ is feminine. It is woman; it is a beautiful part of us. Just as the curve our breasts and the allure of our hips makes us beautiful, so does this.

Each woman, and how she feels during her period is as unique as her fingerprint, or the colour of her eyes and the tone of her voice. How she handles her monthly flow is how she handles life. How she sees it is how she has been told, not necessarily how she feels deep inside. No one may have ever referred to it or explained the magnificence of it, shared the mastery of the feminine body, or described the perfection of the womb and the place where at the very centre of being a woman, we were create and can create.

Next time you get your period, stop for a moment and see its beauty, its privilege and how you can make it more enjoyable in your life.

What about it is awful to you and what can you change?

How can you be more in tune with it and embrace it in a way that does not affect you negatively, but lifts you up to the greatness that you are as a woman and a benevolent being.

Instead of just accepting the stigma that has been forced upon us, the rude remarks and awful references, decide that you have the power to change whatever it is that you don’t like about it and embrace what it is: a wonderful blessing that grants us the greatness of being a woman.


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