04 Jan Saving the Planet, One Month at a Time

What if you discovered that, as a woman, your environmental footprint might be much larger than you thought? When we imagine plastic waste pilling up in landfills, the first images that come to mind are usually mounds of plastic bottles and grocery bags. However, it is essential to shed light on another commodity item that is largely unmentioned in conversations on plastic waste: feminine hygiene products.

Women have been unconsciously contributing to plastic waste ever since the emergence of the first advertised disposable sanitary napkins in 1921. During the course of her lifetime, a women will on average potentially discard up to 10,000 pads and tampons. What most women don’t know, is that one standard pad contains the comparable amount of plastic to four plastic bags! Multiply this number by the 12 billion pads that accumulate in landfill sites each year in the U.S. alone. Compile that number with Canada’s 2.4 billion annual pad refuse. The result: an astronomical amount of heedless plastic waste.

The cumulative and detrimental effects of disposable feminine products is tremendous, and largely unseen. The plastic materials in pads take hundreds of years to decompose. This environmental impact extends far beyond the landfill, as we consider the consequences of pollution created in the pre-consumer manufacturing processes for plastics, synthetics, and bleaching procedures. If you have already exchanged plastic grocery bags for a reusable ones, you will love the newest products available to give women the ability to make a smaller environmental impact through their personal hygiene products.

In the past decade, a new trend has been sweeping through women’s personal hygiene choices as more eco-conscious women are insisting on better, Earth-friendly products. Lotus Liners offers a mindful solution to repetitive waste produced by conventional single-use pads. Now more than ever, women want to make informed decisions on how to lessen their environmental footprint. We are proud to introduce reusable, washable panty liners into the market to inspire all types of women, including those who embrace an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Incorporating a product like Lotus Liners into her monthly custom gives a woman the opportunity to make a seemingly small personal choice that, in fact, has a huge positive impact on the planet. The ultra-soft, premium cloth and high-quality materials used in Lotus Liners, when cared for properly, will last 3-5 years. Replacing conventional pads with our green alternative greatly decreases the amount of unwanted plastic refuse created over a woman’s lifetime. Our vision is to empower women about the way they feel about their periods, and to feel confident in knowing our products are helping to preserve the Earth.

Lotus Liners Water collection setWe love the planet we live in and we plan to keep it healthy for generations to come. One of our greatest intentions at Lotus Liners is to educate young teens of the environmentally friendly choices they can make for the future. We are thrilled provide a washable feminine liner they will value as conscious option for the planet.

We can feel proud of our periods and ourselves knowing the positive repercussions we are creating by making such a simple choice. We hope that Lotus Liners will improve the quality of  a woman’s menstrual cycle and give her the freedom to feel happy about her environmental footprint.

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