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Each Lotus Liner is made with your comfort in mind; designed for your unique body, to help you feel better every month. They fit your perfect shape, and your perfect amount of flow. Lotus Liners are made with you in mind so you can play, entertain, try new things, work out, and do your life to the fullest. They are the most comfortable, reliable, stylish, eco- friendly washable liner on the planet. They make having your period more enjoyable. healthier and better for both the environment and your pocket book. Every woman wants that!

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Why Wear Washable Liners?

Feel Better

There are currently no regulations as to the chemicals used in disposable napkins. That means, unknown toxins may be entering your body through the very absorbent skin of the vaginal area. Bleaches and chemicals adsorbed in that area, can find its way into the blood stream and lymphatic system. WE ARE CHANGING THAT! Using Lotus Liners improves your health, honors your body, and helps you feel better.

Make a Difference

In Canada, the population of women of menstrual age (12-45) is just under 8 million. Using those numbers, there are close to 2.4 billion pads being thrown into landfills  EVERY YEAR. In the US, approximately 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons are sent to landfill sites each year. A woman can throw away 10,000 pads and tampons in her lifetime. WE CAN CHANGE THAT. Lotus Liners last 3-5 years and can endure over 200 washes. 

Enjoy your Savings

A woman will spend between $12,000 and $15, 000 thousand dollars in a life time buying disposable products that she just throws away. That's a college education, small car, or trip around the world. LOTUS LINERS IS CHANGING THAT, by providing Starter Packs for every day of your period and singles in your favorite sizes. We want you to enjoy your period with our amazing product, but also enjoy life with more money to spend on you.  

Individual Lotus Liner in mystic turquoise print
Mystic Turquoise Lotus Liner Swatch
Mystic Turquoise

Mystic Turquoise

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Lotus Liners go where you go

Our stylish travel totes let's you take your Lotus Liners with you, descreatly and in style. 

How to Wash your Liners

There are many ways to care for your liners, and a lot of it will depend on how you handle your other items in the wash. The best news is, Lotus Liners are almost indestructible. They easily come clean, can be washed in any temperature, on any cycle, and can even go in the dryer. They are made from a superior fabric designed specifically for menstrual fluid. Watch this great video for more tips. 

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How to Choose your Liners

Choose your size depending on your rate of flow, and what fits your body size. Pick a regular liners if you feel you have a average amount of menstrual fluid each month. Go for petite if you r flow is lite, you wear a menstrual cup, or you have a petite body. Regular liners are 1 inch longer, and 1 cm wider than petites, in all three sizes. Teen sizes are the same as petites, they just have more juvenile patterns to choose from. 

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Lotus Liners are the most attractive, functional liners and pads I’ve ever used!

Bonita Kay Summers

Yes, believe what you are seeing – the latest trend in feminine napkins – who would have thought your period could look and feel this good!!

Diana Reyers

I recently purchased Lotus Liners and already love them! 

Tanise Robinson

Chemical free feminine hygiene products are the safest for a world where women are consistently plagued by chronic disease causing toxins. Lotus liners solve many of the health, economic and social issues women are challenged with, providing a comfortable, safe and economic way to continue being the forces of nature for their families and communities through their cycle.

- Jelena Petkovic PAC MMS Integrative Antiaging Medicine, Author, Speaker , Humanitarian

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