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We celebrate womanhood.  We embrace the women we have become.
We respect. We are strong. We are all unique.
We value our health.
We live life with passion.
We honor every woman, everywhere every month.


They are more than just panty liners…
They change the way you feel about your period.

For every day of your period.

Lotus Liners are for every woman, every day, every where she goes. Three convenient sizes allows you to pick which is best for you, your shape, your activity level, and three degrees of absorbency works perfectly for any day of your flow.

For the good of your health.

There are currently no regulations as to the chemicals used in manufacturing disposable napkins; that means, unknown toxins may be entering you body through the very absorbent skin of the vaginal area. Toxins and chemicals can enter the body through the outer surface of the skin and eventually find their way into the blood stream and lymphatic system. By using a non disposal liner, you improve your health and feel better.

For the good of the planet.

In the US alone, approximately 12 billion pads and 7 million tampons to landfill sites EACH YEAR. A woman can throw away 10,000 pads and tampons in her lifetime. In Canada, the population of women of menstrual within age ( 12-45) is just under 8 million. Based on those numbers, there are another 2.4 billion pads being thrown into landfill sites in Canada EVERY YEAR.

For you to do more of what you love.

Lotus Liners has a super-absorbent cloth layer, which reduces the risk of leaks and accidents happening during normal wear. Their unique design makes them perfect for wearing during sporting events and physical activities, and their ultra-soft fabric layer, absorbs ideally at night when the plastic layer of disposable pads, leak the most.


Each liner is made with care and consideration of comfort; designed with the body in mind. Fitting to your perfect shape, your perfect fit. Lotus Liners are made with you in mind so you can play, entertain, try new things, work out and do your life to the fullest.


Fashion-forward outer layer designed to make you feel feminine, special and discrete. Designed to suit your mood and style, Lotus Liners match you, every day you need them. Unique and stylish patterns and a waterproof layer combine function, security and style.


Feel confident with ultimate leak proof protection. The unique multi-layer design offers maximum protection and quality to ensure reliability when you most need it. You don’t want to to worry about your panty liner and we don’t want you to.


We have busy lives! Women are always on the go, we can't be held back by worrying about when or where we might need protection. Portable carry bags let you discreetly take your Lotus Liners with you anywhere!


Different colours, patterns, and collections to suit your changing style. We honor each customer by offering a variety of colors, patterns and sizes so you can enjoy exactly what fits perfectly for you.


Premium fabrics, reliable stitching, quality fibers, durable snaps, and expert workmanship. They are constructed for reliability; making sure, your are sure, every time you wear it.


Every woman is unique and her own individual. There are no two alike, no two the same, no two destined to be the same.


We individually strive for different things, acquire different tastes and desire different needs. We each have a talent, special to just us and although we are all feminine, we like what we like and it isn’t always the same. That is why we honor each customer by offering a variety of colors, patterns and sizes so you can enjoy exactly what fits perfectly for you.


Our sample packs each come with three sizes including, mini bloom (small) regular bloom (medium) and maxi bloom (large) so you can find the right length for whatever day you may be having. Since all our bodies are different, a certain size may be better for you and undoubtedly become your favorite. The sample pack allows you to try one of each, determining what works best and which you ultimately need more of.


Lisa Mohr loves Lotus Liners!

Lisa Mohr, author and inspirational speaker, sent us this video where she shares her testimonial for Lotus Liners! Lisa is an incredibly inspiring woman, we are so grateful for her encouraging words. Thank you for your support Lisa and for demonstrating that Lotus Liners are for every woman, everywhere.


You can learn more about Lisa by visiting her website